The sense of direction

From 21 april till 6 may 2009 I tried to write my name on Rotterdam without knowledge of the city's structure and without using a city map. Rotterdam was my canvas and I was the pencil. My sense of direction, my memory and my self-made maps were my only guides.

I documented this event in many different ways and used a large amount of that documentation afterwards for the making of 'A personal atlas of Rotterdam' and 'Personal maps of Rotterdam'. The atlas contains 67.095 coordinates, 25 maps, 455 photographs, 1.667 streetnames, numerous self-made maps and much more.

Watch the second attempt of the R on youtube.

A personal atlas of Rotterdam
dimensions: 17 cm x 23 cm (W x H)
pages: 500 (full-colour)
price: ?? (coming soon. If you are interested in buying a copy, send an e-mail to kris [at] isme [dot] nl)

Personal maps of Rotterdam
The green map is available for sale.
Limited edition of 10 handnumbered copies!!!
dimensions: 90 cm x 107 cm (W x H)
price: 20 euro's (excl. shipping costs)












Detail of map  

Detail of map  

Detail of map