tourisme - in twelve parts

In may 2008 we (isme) went to the former Yugoslavia for three months to do our project 'tourisme'. We went to search for interesting neighbourhoods to react on social phenomena. We called these reactions 'neighbourhood products'. In total we made three neighbourhood products, and did a 4th project in Amsterdam. Our book 'tourisme - in twelve parts' however, shows more than just these 4 projects. We devided the book in twelve chapters, each with their own subject. A chapter on the people we've met, the media attention we got, the traveling we did, our personal experiences, comments from other designers, quote's and facts, a thank-you list, a theoretical part, and a chapter for each project we did. Because there is no beginning and no ending in our book we mixed up the chapters before the book was bound, resulting in numerous different books, each with a different cover and different order. This is to emphasise that there is no chronological order in our story nor is one subject more important over the other.

tourisme - in twelve parts
dimensions: 17 cm x 23 cm (W x H)
pages: 192
price: 14,95 euro (incl. shipping and handling within the Netherlands)

To order, please send an e-mail to studio (at) isme (dot) nl. You will get a reply with more details on how to receive the book.

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